Warner Trejo


About Warner Trejo

Combining his skills and experience across these three domains, Warner Trejo is well-equipped to navigate the intersection of business, finance, and technology. Whether he's launching a new venture, advising clients on financial matters, or leveraging technology to solve business challenges, his diverse skill set allows him to approach problems from multiple perspectives and drive success in various endeavors.

About CEO

Warner Trejo is a multifaceted individual with expertise in business, finance, and technology. Overall, as a Finance Specialist, Warner Trejo plays a crucial role in helping individuals and organizations navigate the complex world of finance, providing expertise, guidance, and strategic insight to help them achieve their financial objectives.

As a Qualified Technician and Broker, Warner Trejo likely operates within the financial industry, possibly specializing in brokerage services and technical analysis.


Business Man
Finance Specialist
Brokerage Services


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I am the founder and host of the “Stay In the Big” podcast on Spotify. They can find the link on my bio in my Instagram @warnertrejo